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Whether it is journalism, academics, marketing, or even technical writing, the importance of proper capitalization of headlines and subtitles is very high. Headlines and subtitles draw the attention of the readers to read the internal content in the articles or paragraphs, which help achieve the desired objectives of the writings. Let’s talk about the importance and rules of the proper format for a subheading in an essay and also the way of how to capitalize subheading in any writing.

Why Does Headline Format Matter a Lot in Writing?

The correct headline format for essay as well as other writings such as news reports, business reports, technical research, and marketing content plays a very vital role in achieving the desired goals of the writings. The headline and subheading format matter a lot due to the following reasons:

  • Headings and subheadings become so attractive and notable if you capitalize text in headline properly
  • Attract the readers to go through the content more attentively
  • Provides a better understanding of the content
  • Increases the chances of grabbing the business opportunities
  • Increased grading in academic writings
  • Improves the interpersonal communication effectiveness
  • Reduces the chances of skipping the important content
  • Leaves a greater impact on the audience
  • Increases the quality of the reports, etc.

Effective Rules of Headline Formatting

How to capitalize my headline in any content? You need to follow certain rules for subtitle formatting, which is governed by those rules in different referencing styles and standards. Each referencing style has different rules for subtitle format. The most common referencing styles used in different kinds of writings are listed below:

the most common referencing styles
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Chicago Manual Style
  • Associated Press Style (AP)

How to format a subheading in a thesis? The APA, MLA, and Chicago Manual are the top three referencing styles, which are extensively used in the thesis, dissertations, and other academic writings. All those three referencing styles use the basic rules for subtitle format along with some exceptions. First of all, let’s discuss the basic or common rules on how to capitalize subtitles and headlines in all referencing styles, then we will describe the exceptions in the above styles.

Basic Rules of Title/Subtitle Capitalization

The common rules for title capitalization or headline format generator tools used online for this purpose are mentioned below.

Rule #1: The first and the last words of any headline or subtitle should be capitalized. This rule applies to all referencing styles commonly used in modern writings:

  • Senate Passes the Bill with a Large Majority.
  • Relationship between Two Countries Deteriorated

Rule #2: All verbs and auxiliary verbs should be capitalized in any heading or subheading irrespective of any particular referencing style:

  • Rival Groups Are Holding Talks for Over a Week Now. (Auxiliary verb)
  • How to Ban Smoking in Entire Country? (Verb)

Rule #3: Always capitalize nouns and pronouns in headings and subheadings commonly in all types of referencing styles used in the modern writing standards:

  • The Oldman and the Sea.
  • The Last Part of Her Struggle
  • Love of William Wordsworth with Nature

Rule #4: Adjectives and Adverbs are always capitalized commonly in all major referencing styles without any exceptions at all:

  • The Beautiful Daffodils in Meadows (Adjective)
  • Farewell with Very Heavy Hearts (Adverb)

Rule #5: All articles are not capitalized in any referencing styles at all unless they are used at the start of the headline or subtitle:

  • Merry Has a Little Lamb
  • Cloud Bursts Over the Hill Station
  • Beginning of an End

Rule #6: All short prepositions of length 3 or less than 3 are not capitalized in any referencing styles and writing standards unless they appear at the start of the headings or subheadings:

  • New Book Launching in London
  • A Series of Films Planned for the Next Year
  • Image Scanning Through Artificial Intelligence Powered Cameras in Demonstrations

Rule #7: Short coordinating conjunctions of length less than 3 are not capitalized in any referencing styles used in modern writings:

  • Comparison between Past and Present
  • My Way or Highway
  • Attempts for Peace Out of Odds

Exceptional Rules in Different Referencing Styles

Other than the above-mentioned common rules for subheading capitalization, there are certain exceptional rules in different referencing styles. Those exceptions are listed below:

  • In APA style, the short words in the form of verbs are capitalized such as ‘Are’, ‘Is’, ‘Am’, and others
  • In the Chicago manual style, all prepositions irrespective of their length are not capitalized unless they are used at the beginning of the title or subtitle.
  • In AP and Chicago Manual styles, the first word after the colon will be capitalized in the titles and subheadings but not in the sentences.

Specifications of Subheading and Subtitle Capitalization

The specification of subheading and subtitle capitalization are the basic rules that qualify a good and attractive heading and subheading. The major specifications of subtitle capitalization are listed below:

subtitle capitalization specifics
  • Should be short and meaningful
  • Should be properly capitalized
  • Should be preferably in the active voice
  • Strong and accurate words should be used
  • It should be attractive and professional looking

How to Fix My Headline Capitalization Issues in Texts?

You can fix headline capitalization issues in your text in two ways: manually or automatically through an online tool. For manual correction, you need full command over the rules for capitalization of headlines, words, and sentences in multiple referencing styles that are extensively used in modern writings. You can also get a paid service from an expert to check capitalization mistakes in your headings manually.

For automated fixing of headline capitalization, you need to just copy and paste the headlines and choose the desired referencing system. The online tool will do the rest for you automatically.

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