How to Capitalize Online to Get a Perfectly Formatted Text

Get rid of spelling issues
Fix your grammatical errors
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An online capitalization editor or capital letter checker has become one of the most popular writing support tools for hassle-free automatic capitalization and fixing of numerous other grammatical errors. It is very helpful for all types of writers to make text uppercase instantly for no charges at all. Let’s have a comparative analysis of online and manual processes to fix the sentence capitalization and punctuation from multiple aspects in this piece of writing.

Why Should Students Keep the Capitalization Check in Mind for Academic Papers?

The process of capitalization review is a very fundamental component of professional writing. All students, especially those using English as a second language (ESL) should take special care of the capitalization check in their respective papers, essays, and research reports due to numerous good reasons. A few very important ones to convert case online are listed below:

  • Improves the grading of your writing, which impact your academic track directly
  • Enhances the prospects of landing a great job in the future
  • Reduces the chances of capitalization mistakes, which may reduce your exam marks
  • To accomplish the requirements of different referencing styles and standards
  • Increased chances of publication of your paper in reputed journals
  • And many others

Comprehensive Guide: How to Convert Small Letter to Capital One?

The conversion of small letters to capital letters is governed by certain rules in English writing. Those rules deal with certain exceptions too. Let’s explain a few of those rules with examples.

how to  capitalize online

Rule #1: The first letter of any sentence or a separate phrase will be capital.

According to this rule, any sentence, whether it is affirmative, exclamatory, negative, or interrogative the first letter will always be a capital letter.


  • Hey! How are you doing?
  • The weather is not going to change in the next few days.

Rule #2: The proper nouns including the names of people should always be capitalized.

All names that are unique in nature are known as proper nouns, which should always be capitalized as per this rule as shown in the examples:

  • The news reporter was trying to contact John and Anne.
  • My lovely doggy, Hooter, has been missing since yesterday.

Rule #3: After colon and semicolon, there should be no capitalization unless the following word is a proper noun.

You can capitalize the sentence or phrase after colon and semicolon if the next word is a proper name/noun otherwise capitalization is not allowed:

  • She had only one passion: reading new books.
  • He is going to leave for a foreign trip tonight; so, I need to meet him before evening.

Rule #4: Always capitalize the first word of a complete quotation and don’t capitalize the half quotation.

This rule clearly mentions not to capitalize the sentence or phrase, which has been quoted partially, but a complete quotation should be capitalized:

  • When I asked John, “Where will we go for a picnic this weekend?”
  • John replied to me, “too busy, dear” to accompany you.

Rule #5: Titles of any writing, books, films, plays, or any other creativity should be capitalized always.

The below-given examples clearly explain this rule explicitly:

  • My favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.
  • Mulan was one of the best movies I watched in 2020.

Rule #6: Languages, cities, countries, nationalities, months, days, and holidays should be capitalized always:

  • The new version of the mobile phone is expected to be launched on the first Monday of February 2021 in the UK for the British people.
  • New York is one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the USA.

Rule #7: History events and periods of human history should be capitalized.

In the history of human beings, there are certain periods and events, which are well known across nationalities and regions. They should be capitalized:

  • The serious beginning of the peace process started after World War II.
  • The Old Stone Age is considered as the first period of human civilization.

How Does Correcting Capitalization Errors Online Work?

Correcting capitalization errors through an online small letter to capital letter converter is so simple with the help of a powerful algorithm implemented in the software. The algorithm checks the input text with the help of certain logical flows and compares the input in the light of rules and linguistic approaches. Any deviation is detected automatically and the right solution is suggested through a short popup display or alert.

Reliability and Effectiveness of an Online Auto Capitalizer

The reliability and effectiveness of an online title case converter tool are substantially great; meanwhile, a faster improvement in the effectiveness and reliability is continuing. A few years back, the reliability was not that high, but with the advent of modern linguistic and computer technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics (DA), natural language processing (NLP), and others, the reliability has increased substantially in recent years.

Overview of Our Online Text Case Changer

Our online text case changer tool is one of the most powerful and featured tools in the marketplace. It offers numerous specialized functions and features:

  • Highly reliable and effective for all types of writers
  • Supports multiple referencing styles, tones, and formats
  • Implements all capitalization rules and standards in algorithms
  • Offers additional features and capabilities such as plagiarism check and grading
  • Finds and fixes grammatical errors and spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Catches and corrects active/passive misuses and preposition mistakes
  • And much more

How Does Lowercase Maker Work?

An online ‘uppercase and lowercase maker’ tool works with a few simple steps to check the capitalization of your text as mentioned below:

how text case changer works
  • Insert the desired text into the online tool widget by copy/paste process
  • Click the button on the widget to run the capitalization check
  • Click the underlined mistakes to display the correct capitalization option
  • Choose the right option. Repeat for the other mistakes
  • You are done!

Reasons to Choose Our Capital Letter Checker Online

  • It is free to use for the basic features
  • Available round the clock 24×7
  • Accessible instantly from anywhere across the globe
  • Offers continuous learning capability through corrective suggestions
  • Offers numerous additional features other than capitalization correction
  • Saves substantial time and money for you.

If you are looking for a professional tool to capitalize online texts, try our specialized tool to convert small letter to capital one online for greater accuracy now!